Forbidden Professor

Forbidden Professor

Series: Forbidden, Book 9

He'll teach her a thing or two...

Grayson is shocked when he finds an intimate video on a random student’s cell phone. That recording can crush his career and eliminate any chance of him becoming the next dean—a dream his family fought against from the start. To avoid a scandal, he follows the student to get more information about the person who gained access to his private video. Cornered, she says she’ll help him find the culprit on one condition: he must kiss her.

Perpetual good girl Frankie has always crushed on her hot professor, Grayson Braddock. But she knows he would never give a student a shot. When the opportunity presents itself, she decides to be bold for once in her life—because she knows this is her only chance to act on her feelings. But her innocent demand for a kiss quickly shifts into a scorching hot affair, and she has to choose between going back to her safe life or walking on the wild side with Grayson permanently.

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